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Here are some FAQs

I get a scary warning when I start your software. What does it mean?

The message is very common with software that you download.

This screen warns you to not run software unless you trust where it came from. It says that Microsoft cannot confirm the origin of the software- which is true, because we are not registered with Microsoft. microsoft warning screen

Uncheck the box that says, "Always ask before opening this file" so that you don't see this screen every time you start the program. Then click "Run" on the dialog and you should be all set.

Does Egorg Essay force the essay to have a specific structure?


Every essay has a default structure, but the user is free to modify the structure if the assignment requires it. Paragraphs can be inserted and deleted, and their type can be changed.

Why is Egorg Essay preferable to outlining tips that I might find for free on the web?

Just-in-time help.

Apart from the flexibility it offers, Egorg Essay provides help at the point of application of the concept, much like a teacher or tutor who is responding to a student's direct request for help.

Why doesn't R-1 come with its own reading material? Wouldn't that be better?

The National Reading Panel concluded that students should read good literature. Not that your child won't improve by answering a couple of questions after reading a paragraph or two of a story made up for a worksheet, but better skills are built by following the way R-1 was designed.

Besides, if your child is going to spend the time reading, why not have him or her read good works?

Should I use the "zip" file or the "zipped.exe" file?

If you have a utility such as "winzip" or "7zip" on your computer, you can download the ".zip" file and extract Egorg using your own software. If you don't have an "unzipping" utility, download the "zipped.exe" file as it has the unzipping capability built in.

At first my son was interested, but now he doesn't want to use R-1. What can I do?

Assuming he understands how important the goal is (whether he admits it or not is a different story), try a compromise: Tell him all he has to do is 1) prediction, 2) character traits for the three most important characters, 3) plot events, and 4) vocabulary. This will speed his progress through the reading and still produce meaningful results. After he has finished the story, he can fill in some of the other information so that it is easier for him to review it when the time comes.

What exactly is the NRP report?

In 1997, the U.S. Congress asked the director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to review everything we know about teaching people how to read and comprehend. The goal of this effort was to have an approach so that educators all became aware of the best practices and what really works and what does not. The director summoned the top experts in the field to perform the exhaustive review.

In 2000, the panel released its reports (each sub-group reported separately, and a report by the group as a whole was also released). You can find their reports here.

The results and recommendations from that report have found their way into the latest textbooks and teacher training. So the time spent with R-1 will be time spent using the best practices in education.